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Social Media Insights From 22 Million Posts

To boost your brand’s performance effectively, you need to take note of the latest social media trends. That is where the majority of your consumers are likely to be after all. A team from Socialinsider conducted a new social media industry benchmark study, where they analysed over 22 million business posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, covering brands from 35 different industries.

The analysis revealed the current trending platforms, where industries are seeing the most engagement, the primary types of social media content posted across all platforms, and more.

Check out these insights and boost your own brand’s performance by applying them!

Insight #1: Engagement Rates

The average engagement rate per post on Facebook stood at 0.27%. Instagram is the current trending platform with an average engagement rate per post of 1.16%. The engagement rate per post on Twitter was at a mere 0.07%.

While Instagram is definitely the platform you’d want to be active on, remember to do some research to see if the majority of your audience are on Instagram.

Insight #2: All 35 industries chose images as the primary type of social content

A picture is worth a thousand words and this proves it. Image has been chosen as the go-to type of social content on all three platforms. Between 56% to 87% of the businesses’ Instagram content are images while the number stands at 50% for Facebook. Twitter has a rather even division between images and status post.

In other words, if you are posting on social media, you definitely should have something your audience can look at, be it an image or video.

Insight #3: Top 3 profiles on Instagram

The top 3 most successful profiles on Instagram are: Politics, Airline and Education. All of which have the highest average engagement rates out of all the industries. What can we learn from this? Instagram drives the most conversations for brands. So if your strategies are focused on awareness and conversion, IG is definitely the way to go.