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3 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tactics That Businesses Should Not Ignore

Social media marketing is a lot more than just likes and shares. The social media landscape today extends far beyond just posting a thought or meme and hoping that it will be a hit amongst your audience. Here are three kinds of social media marketing that you’d want on your radar in order to stay in the game.

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing uses experts in their respective industry who already have a sizeable audience that respects and trusts them. Regardless of which industry you’re in, there are likely to be people who’d have a more established reputation and audience. Not only can you learn from them, but forging a relationship with them may be beneficial and valuable as well.

2. Dark Social Media

Dark social media is one area you can’t measure but it should still be on your radar. Dark social media refers to all the ways your audience can share your content with others without your knowledge — such as through emails, texts, DMs, etc. While you can’t track the impact of dark social media, you shouldn’t ignore it. Instead, you should make it as attractive and convenient as possible for your audience to share your content.

3. Paid Social Media Lastly, you should definitely consider including Paid Social Media in your marketing strategy. Almost every social platform now offers the ability to promote posts, allowing them to be seen by many more people than your existing follower base. To make use of this efficiently, you should make sure that you are using the best platform for your business, targeting the right audience, and giving your target audience the best content you can create.