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5 Ways to Amplify Your Brand Presence on Social Media

With everyone being on social media nowadays, reaching out to your consumers is much more convenient, efficient and cost-effective. The challenge is: everyone one’s on social media. You’ll have to ensure that you stand out to capture your consumers’ attention and not lose them to your competitor. Here are five tips to help you increase your brand presence on social media.

1. Know Who Your Audience Is

We highly recommend you know who your audience is before you start creating content. And no, “everyone” is way too broad to your target audience. Knowing who you are targeting will help you create content that will resonate with them. Not only that, but they will also help you set your brand voice, your posting schedule, and which social media platforms to use.

2. Be Human

We’re on social media, so technically, we are, in a way, networking. Being too brand-centric can be a bore and too detached for your consumers to relate. Get to know your consumers like how they are getting to know you. Give your brand some personality to get your audience interested.

3. Build Relationships, Not Just Increase Followers

By forging relationships with your followers, you will be able to keep creating content that matters, which can potentially attract new followers. Plus, through word-of-mouth and recommendations, your follower count can increase with time. So, rather than focusing on the follower count, appreciate the followers you have and let the count grow on its own.

4. Have a Social Calendar

Regular posting is one way to keep your consumers engaged. It’s a bonus if you’ve scheduled your posts to go live when they are active on social media. Plan ahead, create and fine-tune your posts before scheduling them for posting.

5. Too Wordy? Get Visual

A picture speaks a thousand words. There are many ways to convey the same message and visuals are one of the most effective. After all, humans are visual-centric creatures. Get creative and create a visual that can sum a whole paragraph into an artwork. You can then leave the reinforcements to the captions.